Four Steps To A Properly Maintained Well

If you have purchased a home on well water, then one of your first orders of business is to get in the habit of regular maintenance. The following guide can walk you through the process of creating a maintenance plan: #1: Locate the well The first thing you need to do is locate the well access port. The best case scenario is to do this before you have closed on the house so that you can get the information from the previous owners. Read More 

Four Natural Tricks So Ticks Won’t Stick

It can be tricky to keep ticks off of your body and away from your precious pets. Once the tick has attached itself to you, it feeds off blood like a parasite. If that wasn't bad enough, the ticks can carry diseases which can infect you and your pets. You can apply tick repellent to your animals, but there are no special collars or drops designed for humans – and even for your animals, those items can get expensive after awhile. Read More